When it comes to designing your Waypoints Journity offers a simple user interface where you can customize everything without needing to know any code. If you are a front end developer or just like to dig into code there’s also advanced design tools just for you. This guide will cover the basic design interface.

It all starts on the design tab of your Waypoint.

The Container
The container section of the design editor is where you set all of the formatting for the whole Waypoint. It allows you to set the background image, default fonts, margins and more. Anything that impacts the entire Waypoint is set here.

This is where you can upload a logo or other featured images. You can easily set the image to display on the left, right or top. You can also resize the image when you upload. Journity is designed to be able to work with any aspect ratios you upload, however, it is recommended not to use images with large file sizes as that will increase the load time of your Waypoint and lessen the user experience.

The headline is a key part of any design it should grab the user’s attention and make a connection to their needs in the moment. In this section you can write the headline, change the size, font, color and margins.

The body content should give more details around the message, answering the user’s questions and encouraging them to take action. In this section you can modify the font, color, size, alignment, margins and padding in the body content area.

Submit Button
This is the call to action (or CTA) which actually drives the users to take the desired action. You can modify the text, colors, margins and padding.

Dismiss Button
This section allows you to control how users dismiss the message if they are not interested in taking action right now.

Dismiss Icon
The dismiss Icon is the X at the top of the waypoint to offer users an additional way to close the Waypoint the can be used in addition or in place of the dismiss button.

A/B Testing
We always recommend testing out different versions of Waypoints. Journity has built in A/B (or C etc.) testing. Simply click the + sign at the bottom of the design panel to start a new version of the design so you can test headlines, calls to action, or anything else you like.

If you have any questions, email us at customersuccess@journity.com.